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R4500 for 3 Days / R6900 for 7 Days


Our Vacslim machine can be used to address various aspects such as aging, body shaping, and Chinese medical therapy. Its benefits lie in the utilization of RF, vacuum, and infrared spectrum, which collectively work to aid in the faster metabolism of fat and aging tissues while boosting blood circulation.

This innovative approach contributes to the regeneration of collagen and elastin, highlighting its multifaceted advantages in rejuvenating and revitalizing targeted areas effectively.

  • Three distinct handle sizes catering to various treatment areas.

  • Safe to use on all skin types.

  • Non-invasive & painless with no recovery time.

  • Low noise technology.

  • Long-lasting and effective results.

Rental Options:

3 Day Rental – R4 500.00

7 Day Rental – R6 900.00

Price includes delivery, collection and consumables excluding gloves.

Training Fee – R4 500.00 per module


Sign a six-month rental lease.

Operating technician (optional)

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Drop off and collection is a day before and a day after the booked date.

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