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R4500 for 3 Days / R6900 for 7 Days


Our Diode-2G laser hair removal machine combines 3 wavelengths - 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm into 1 machine and offers a superb option for salons and clinics seeking a swift and permanent hair removal solution.

Featuring a robust power output of 1200W, generous treatment area coverage, and cost-effectiveness, it stands out as a secure selection suitable for all skin tones and hair shades.

  • Comes with both 15*30mm large spot size for larger treatment areas AND 15*10mm small spot size for smaller treatment areas.

  • US Coherent/German Dilas laser bar guarantying long lasting and effective results in hair removal treatments.

  • Super Cooling System - TEC cooling plates & Sapphire crystal.

  • Easy To Use Software - pre-set treatment parameters.

  • User-friendly design allows for effortless water filter changes.

  • Patent Diode Laser Handle.

2nd Generation diode technology only.

Rental Options:

3 Day Rental – R4 500.00

7 Day Rental – R6 900.00

Price includes delivery, collection and consumables excluding gloves.

Training Fee – R4 500.00 per module


Sign a six-month rental lease.

Operating technician (optional)

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Drop off and collection is a day before and a day after the booked date.

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