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Introducing our revolutionary TriSphere Pro, combining the Rotary Negative Pressure RF Machine and Inner Ball Roller Machine for diverse skin and body treatments.


The Rotary Negative Pressure RF Machine offers non-invasive body shaping by heating skin tissue at different depths, enhancing blood circulation, accelerating fat metabolism, and delivering exceptional results in fat reduction, contouring, skin tightening, and lifting. Meanwhile, the Inner Ball Roller Machine utilizes compression micro-vibration and infrared technologies for lymphatic drainage, circulation, detoxification, muscle relief, fat breakdown, cellulite reduction, and skin rejuvenation.


This advanced instrument provides comprehensive non-invasive skin and body care treatments for transformative results.


  • Includes 4 different handle attachments.
  • Features a patented liposuction handle.
  • Non-Invasive & Painless treatment
  • Intelligent Temperature Control System maintains a consistent skin temperature throughout the treatment, preventing tissue damage by setting and regulating the target temperature beforehand.
  • Dual Interface System equipped with touch screens on both the handle and interface, enhancing user experience by providing intuitive control and adjustment of parameters.
  • Training included


Cash price for machine.

TriSphere Pro

R138 000,00Price
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