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Our RevitaFirm Pro integrates various functional probes with the most significant effects at present. It applies multipolar radiofrequency, negative pressure radiofrequency, vibration fat blasting, and focused ultrasound technology. It is used in different treatment areas such as weight loss, shaping and skin tightening.


Our RevitaFirm Pro is aimed at people with different physiques by using different probes to perform weight loss and shaping operations at different angles. It can operate on the whole body, target weight loss from the root cause, change the easy-to-fat physique, reach the subcutaneous fat directly and effectively clear stasis. It is phenomenal at accelerating fat metabolism, thus achieving weight loss and shaping effects without side effects.


  • 3 different technologies in one machine
  • Can be used for and help lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes detoxification and cleansing
  • Offers holistic body treatments by operating on the entire body, making it a versatile solution for overall beauty enhancement.
  • Training included


Cash price for machine.

RevitaFirm Pro

R55 000,00Price
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