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IPL technology only


Our advanced Luminex IPL machine operates on the principle of selective photo thermolysis, offering a highly effective and non-invasive solution for a range of skin conditions.


It is ideal for hair removal, treating active acne, addressing vascular and pigmentation issues, and achieving optimal results in photo rejuvenation. It caters to various dermatological needs with effectiveness and precision.


  • Offers 2 working mode – E-light & Super Hair Removal (SHR)
  • 5 different treatment filters – 480nm: Acne treatment, 530nm: Vascular treatment & photo-facial for light skin, 590nm: Pigmentation treatment & photo facial for dark skin, 640nm: Hair removal for light skin and 690nm: Hair removal for dark skin.
  • 1 Million Shot Life
  • Unique Water Filters
  • Easy To Use Software - pre-set treatment parameters & custom logo on interface.
  • Training included.


Cash price for 1200W machine.


Stand Up Luminex IPL machine available for R122 000.00

Luminex IPL

R90 000,00Price
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