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IPL SHR & E-Light and Picosecond technology.


Our Dual Revive laser machine utilizes cutting-edge technology with enhanced tissue penetration capability, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and safe operation. This laser combines two systems with over seven functions, covering a wide range of salon treatments. It delivers excellent results across all skin types without adverse effects, reducing treatment times through increased shooting speed and efficiency.


  • 2 working mode – IPL & IPL SHR
  • The monitoring system tracks the working status of spare parts within the machine, ensuring that the equipment remains in optimal working condition at all times.
  • The self-designed control board is segmented into four separate power supply parts, each serving specific functions within the machine: CPU power supply, AC control, cooling system and monitoring system power supply, and power supply control function. This structured design enhances efficiency and ensures proper power distribution for optimal machine performance.
  • 1 million shot life
  • Easy To Use Software - pre-set treatment parameters & custom logo on interface.
  • Training included


Cash price for 1200W machine.


Stand Up Dual Revive machine available for R140 000.00.

Dual Revive

R111 000,00Price
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