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3-in-1 system (Fractional, Cutting, Gynecology).


Our CO2 laser is a gas laser that operates on the principle of focal photothermal action. This laser system generates microbeams arranged in an array, creating multiple microscopic damages that trigger a healing response in the skin. Surrounding the damaged areas, normal tissue aids in rapid healing. The laser helps in restructuring collagen and elastic fibers, restoring a balance between type I and type III collagen, transforming scar tissue, softening it, and restoring elasticity.


The laser's main target for absorption is water, a key component of the skin, which heats collagen fibers, inducing collagen regeneration and orderly deposition. This process promotes collagen fiber proliferation

and facilitates skin recovery.


  • 5-10 Years lifespan
  • American Coherent RF tube & alternating current – more safe
  • 7 Korea imported arm joints
  • Innovative 14 scanning shapes
  • Easy To Use Software - pre-set treatment parameters
  • Training included


Cash price for 1200W machine.

CO2 Laser

R193 000,00Price
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