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Premier Online Basic Skin Anatomy Course




Self Paced / Online

About the Course

If you do not possess qualifications or experience in aesthetic or cosmetic beauty, it is necessary to take the Premier Online Basic Skin Anatomy Course. This course offers comprehensive knowledge of skin, its anatomy, various skin conditions, and more, enabling you to advance in your laser training. You log into the Premier online training platform and complete this module at your own pace.


Our extensive course comprises of 11 modules, addressing the following topics:

·       Introduction to Skin

·       Skin Anatomy & Physiology

·       Understanding Pigmentation

·       Collagen, Elastin & Hyaluronic Acid

·       Skin Disorders

·       Scar Management

·       Acne Treatment

·       Product Knowledge for Skincare

·       Essentials of Sanitation and Hygiene

·       Client Consultation & Setting Up Workstations

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