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Lease a Laser training courses with Hanlie Rossouw cover a wide range of topics related to laser technology, including safety protocols, treatment procedures, equipment operation, and skin science. Our courses provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical in – class or live zoom training, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of using laser devices for various aesthetic purposes. The aim is to equip attendees with the necessary skills and expertise to utilize laser technology confidently and effectively in their professional practice.


The cost of purchasing a laser machine includes the training fee. However, additional training courses, such as our Premier Online Basic Skin Anatomy Course, may require separate payment. If you opt to lease a device from Lease a Laser, there may be an additional training fee


Anyone seeking to rent a device from Lease a Laser must possess the necessary training and qualifications. If you are new to the industry and lack these credentials, Lease a Laser has a solution for you! We provide a laser fundamentals training course that certifies and educates individuals on the specific laser they intend to rent, ensuring safety and competence in its operation.

Lease A Laser Fundamentals Course

Lease A Laser Fundamentals Course" offers comprehensive training on laser technology, covering safety, operation, and practical applications, led by Hanlie Rossouw.




Online or In-Person

Premier Online Basic Skin Anatomy Course

Master skin anatomy, conditions, and laser treatments at your own pace with our comprehensive online course on our Premier platform.




Self Paced / Online

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